Hats Off To Panchie

We got "Pancho" a Maltese x Back in 2002, he was little ball of fluff with three black dots for eyes and nose, his soft curly fur like wool. As all dogs do Panch loves his walks. On this day as always at the same time Panch let me know with big pleading eyes and whimps that he wanted walk, I started to look for his leash and my cap that I always slap on but could'nt find them anyplace. I looked high and low with Panch following me around the place [like a dog]. "Sorry Panch" I said tapping on my head, "I can"t find my hat," the next thing I know Panch walked over to our lounge chair parked his front paws on it and looked at me as if to say"Are you Blind'? There on the chair was my hat and his leash so I didn't get out of it that easy, he got his walk after all. Panch tells me to hurry up and answer the phone when it rings, when mother calls out it's "Mum wants you quick", or when the chooks or cocky raise a racket it's, "Quick let me out we have trouble out there.

Rating: 27 paws up

julie lukan
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