Harley and Buzz,

When i went to my mums friends house i went to look at the chooks. They had 3 dogs 2 cats and 1 bird and MILLIONS of chooks. Teresa said i could have a chicken to take home. So i picked out a chicken. The little chick was very young. The chick was a brown male and i named him 'Harley'. Harley had the colours of an eagle. His wings were shinning bright and he had flashes of red and black through them. Harley wasn't very friendly but he would be friendly if he wanted to. I got Harley out every night and would let him run around. He was very cute. One day i saw Teresa again and she said that she had another chicken that i could have. So i got this little chicken. BUT this chicken was SOOOOOOO smart. She was a creamy white silky with a little pom-pom on her head. I named her Buzz. Buzz was a very friendly chicken. She would jump on your arms and head. Harley and Buzz got along with each other. When the chickens got older we put them in the bird avirey. They stayed in there for a few months until it was time to put them in the chook pen. They were very frightened at first, but they got used to it, they never went near the rooster again. Harley sometimes fourght with the other two roosters. He was a rooster too. Harley and Buzz always stuck together. They werent as friendly any more but they ended up being the beautifulist choocks on the farm. And if you saw these two you'd be thinking how smart they were. Who says chickens aren't smart?

Kiran Quilty
True Story?: