Hark! Finally a Bark!

My precious Dylan,a tibetan spaniel, came into my life from a local shelter. Although young at the time, he was very mellow and not a peep or bark was heard for the first several weeks. Finally, the first day I had to leave him home alone, my neighbour was alerted of his presence on the property. A few hours passed and he started barking frantically which brought my neighbour running to check and found a rattle snake nearby. Dylan finally spoke to warn us about the imminent danger! Unfortunately, the neighbour, who was shoeless, stepped on the snake and was bitten twice on the foot and rushed to hospital. All is well and she recovered, but Dylan made the headlines in the newspaper and on t.v. for his bravery and to make the public aware of snakes in the area.

Lyn Taylor
mine or dog's?
True Story?: