Gypsy and Blue

Gypsy and Blue


Our twelve year old dog Gypsy, a Jack Russell Cross always gets spasms when she runs hard. So, we massage her when that happens.

One day, my mom saw Gypsy having a spasm when she looked out the kitchen window. So, she sent me to bring Gypsy back to the house for a massage. I went out and at my feet was my dog, Blue. I ignored Blue and looked every where for Gypsy but I could not find Gypsy. I went inside and said to my mom, “I can't find her.” Mom said that she will go and find her later. 

I could not wait and so I went out and looked again. This time, I saw Blue. I said to her, “Where is Gypsy?” And then that little Jack Russell put her nose to the ground and then up again. She then took off and stopped behind a bush. On peering round the bush, I saw Gypsy shivering. Poor Gypsy! I picked her up and brought her back to the house and my mom gave her a good massage. We also gave Blue a good massage for being such a clever dog.


True story by Fallon Nelson of the USA


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Fallon Nelson
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