Greater love hath no cat


Greater love hath no cat


Among my loved animal companions were two Siamese cats: gentle, intelligent and affectionate. The older one, Jasper, was a real 'dad' to his younger protege, and Smoke showed fondness of his senior.


This tale is of the occasion when the neighbour's dog had my old boy baled up in a tree in great distress. Smoke rushed next door to the dog's owner, who was in his garden - 'wailing like a fire siren' according to our friend - and led him back to the scene of the disaster.


Dog was taken home and cat rescued, but it was a mutual source of wonderment that the young cat went straight to the right person who could solve the problem!


To this day I feel Smoke saved Jasper's life. He then did it a second time, when he came to me crying frantically and took me to where my old boy lay stricken with a stroke. After treatment by the vet, Smoke stayed by his friend's side, licking him, with a protective paw around him, to bring him back to life.


They were inseparable and never seemed to be apart for two more years of devotion.


Greater love....




True story by Glenys Waterhouse of New Zealand




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