Great teamwork


Great teamwork


My son Brad was doing some carpentry as part of a home renovation job for a couple. They told him that squirrels seem to be getting into their bird feeder, inspite of them doing everything possible to prevent them from doing so. They have never actually seen any squirrels at the feeder and have no idea how they get into it. 

One day, the owners were away at work and Brad was sitting at their breakfast table having his lunch, when he saw four squirrels climb onto the branch which the bird feeder hang off. Their weight caused the branch to sag enough for the first squirrel to jump onto the feeder. After a feed he jumped down, then climbed back up the tree and onto the branch to be fourth in line, so that the next squirrel could jump onto the feeder. This continued until all four squirrels have had a meal!

True story by Chuck Walker of Australia





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