The Golden Guard.

I have had my golden retriever Breeze for almost 3 years now. Every day as soon as the sun rises she walks around our large rural property and does a property inspection. One day she stopped, looked around and began barking like mad by the peach tree. I went to investigate. I told her to sit and there lay a baby duckling with injured legs, very distressed.

We rushed her to the vet who treated her leg with splints. I named her Surprise as hadn't expected a duckling as a pet! To Dad’s horror the home office became a duck nursery and I raised her to become a healthy feathered duck. I released Surprise onto our pond, however she thinks she is a house duck and has moved into Breeze's kennel where they snuggle happily together day after day.

A happy ending to a surprise discovery.

Logan Chalmers
True Story?: