Gizmo finds Harry the Kitten

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It was the second Saturday night in March 2006. We were relaxing in front of the TV, but Gizmo, our 9-year cat, who I got from the SPCA for my birthday in 1999, kept on coming into the lounge and bumping into us, then walked outside. This was a very unusual act, because he preferred the outdoors and was not a very affectionate cat.
Eventually, my husband, Glenn, got up and went to see what Gizmo was up to. It was then that he heard a faint meow sound coming from next door. Our neighbours were very elderly people and we knew that they were not there that weekend, so we went to see what the noise was. Much to our surprise it was this tiny kitten, all alone and lost.
We tried to grab it, but the kitten was too quick, running all over the show, hiding in bushes and under wood. We tried for over an hour, while all the time Gizmo stood on the wall, watching. We eventually were able to grab the kitten when it was drinking milk that we put down for it.
The kitten was so tiny, all dirty and had a weeping left eye, it did not look good. But we took it in, not knowing if it was a boy or a girl, woke up our son, Shaun, to show him the surprise, and he just said "Harry Potter." So there the kitten got a name.
Gizmo just sat and watched the procedure then walked outside to his usual spot.
We kept Harry inside the bathroom for the night and the next morning went walking around the neighbourhood looking for Harry's owner, but no one wanted the kitten. So we had to make the decision about whether we were going to keep the kitten or not. It was an awkward time, what with me starting a 3-year degree at university that next Monday and no one to look after the kitten during the day.
But Harry fitted right in, and Gizmo would just look at Harry and was not worried about another cat in his domain.
After a visit on the same day to the vet, we discovered that Harry was indeed a Harriet, but the name stuck. In time her eye got better, but she never did learn any social manners and one would swear that at times she behaved more like a dog than a cat.
As time went on, Harry tried to make more friends with Gizmo, but he was not concerned with her and the two lived separate lives.
Harry adapted well to staying indoors by herself and when I got home from university to study, she would lie on my shoulder while I was sitting at the table, or she would curl up on my lap while I was on the computer.
Gizmo died from cancer in January 2008. It was a sad time and we knew that Harry looked for him as she was spending more time outside than inside.
Harry is now 4 years old. We celebrate her birthday on the 7th January, because the vet reckons that she was only about 6 or 7 weeks old when we found her.
She is very energetic, will bite me on my leg if I don't give her food on time, loves to sleep in my bed, with her head on the pillow, she stalks Shaun and would chase him, she loves chasing light beams from the torch, catching the tennis balls when Glenn and Shaun play cricket, and she only drinks water out of the bath.
If it was not for Gizmo, who knows where Harry would of been today. She is such a wonderful pet. We would love to get another cat, but unfortunately, Harry does not tolerate any other animal, she only had eyes for Gizmo.

Debbie Swanepoel
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