Ginger, Sesi and Jasper

Ginger, Sesi and Jasper


We have two dogs of our own, Ginger and Sesi, and on occasions we dog sit a third, Jasper. When going on outings that involve water or dirt, the dogs usually ride in crates that are strapped down in the back of our truck.

One Saturday morning, this was how my husband planned to take them to our local SPCA’s dog jog which is a fundraising walk. Jasper was staying over for the weekend but because I was working at the event and was unable to assist my husband with the dogs, he decided that taking two dogs that day would be more than enough. He left an eager Jasper in the house and brought Ginger and Sesi out to the truck, where they know the routine of jumping in the back of the truck and into their respective kennels. Lifting down the tailgate, Ginger and Sesi jumped in the back of the truck, Ginger quickly climbing into her crate. Without hesitation, Sesi climbed in right behind her. For the first time, the two of them huddled together in the same crate. With the one empty crate ready and waiting, my husband felt that he had no choice but to go back to the house and bring Jasper along for the walk.


True story by Katherine Lanovaz



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Katherine Lanovaz
True Story?: