Friends lead to happines!

Flash and Mini were two gold fish. I bourght them at the Wallan market. Flash was a bright yellow female and Mini was a very smal google fish. I bourght them after my two other fish died. Flash and Mini were best friends. They did everything together! If Mini left, Flash would panick. Flash got her name from how fast she was. When i fed them, Flash would quietly swim to the food, then once it was in her mouth she would swim away as quick as a flash. After I had Flash for a few days she became very fat. Her belly was bigger than it normally was. We soon figured out she was pregnent. But Flash never had any flashlings. These two were a team. When Mini got stuck, Flash would swim over to him and help him out. You could never seperate these two! Together, Flash and Mini shared a heart of happiness. They were always happy and they never gave up. One day, Mini died. Flash was sooooo sad! She swam around her tank with a sad face. Flash was heartbroken! Her friend and herself had had a great time in their life and it all ended here. Flash gave one last look at her best friend, she turned away as he was lifted from the tank. Their was nobody to play with, nobody as sweet as Mini. But Flash knew that deep down inside her lived Mini, he would always be with her! Mini died today, the 26 of Sep 2010. Mini was a very happy fish and much loved to Flash. And that was a story of two friends, and their life always led to happines!

Kiran Q
True Story?: