Friendly Friends

My sheep are Smarter Than Jack. I will tell you why. My family and i lived on a HUGE 85 acre farm. Our properety backed on to the Tallarook ranges. A man named Kevin Butler gave us his lambs when they were born. We would handraise them and put them in our paddock. The first time we saw one of the lambs we fell in love with them and they trusted us. Every day, we would go out and feed the lambs. Some of the lambs we had were Lisey, Hewy, Star, Kasey, Chloe, Rambo, Peachy, Jazzy, Josie, Sally, Daisy, Tammy, Tiny, Tiny2, Boy, Mary, Regy and we had MILLIONS more!! When they got older the baby sheep would go out into the open paddocks and join the big sheep. These sheep were not dumb, nor smart, they were VERY VERY intellengt and smart. They did not forget us.

Every day, they would begin there long journey up the hills and down them and into the neighbours paddock to graze. The places they loved were the neighbours big paddock and Inspiration point (a HUGE hill in the properety). When they got older the lambs that were sheep had now had there own lambs. Unfortuntely the lambs were not tamed and we had to many so we sold them. Sadly not all the sheep survived, Josie died giving birth, Jazzy broke her leg, Tammy choked, Boy was to weak, Regy was poisend and Mary got ran over.

One day our friendly ram Rambo disapeared. We never saw him again. We got a new ram called Ronabo (Ron-a-bow, well thats what i called him). Now, once or twice, i walk up the hills and feed the sheep bread and herd them back to the house. My friendly friends!!!

Kiran Q
True Story?: