Friendly the cat

Friendly the cat

I was heartbroken after having to put both my cats to sleep within a month of each other. I wanted another cat, but my partner was refusing to back down. He kept insisting it was too soon. 

Then he was diagnosed with cancer, and friends talked him into letting me have another cat, as it would help both of us. A trip to the RSPCA was put on the list of things to do. 

Once we arrived, we were asked what type of cat we wanted. I specified young but not a kitten, not black, and not long haired. I am actually allergic to cats, and cats that shed all year round make me sneeze. The two cats we had lost were black, and I wanted a different colour this time. 

We were shown a number of cats. Some were too old, some too young. One cat was long haired, and another was cranky and bit everyone who handled him. 

I was about to give up hope of finding the right cat when the volunteer remembered a tabby tom who needed a home. She led us to the cage, and retrieved him. 

The tabby, once out of the cage, jumped from the volunteer's arms into mine, sat there happily, and licked my chin. The volunteer stood there open mouthed, and then said he had never done that with anyone else before that day. There was no need for words - he was the cat that wanted me, so I decided I wanted him. 

I named him Friendly, because he was. Friendly made himself at home in a very short time. Visitors the same day asked how long we had owned the new cat. He looked as if he had lived there for months, not for less than twenty four hours.

True story by Robin of Australia



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Robin Banks
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