Forrest the German Shepherd

Forrest is a German Shepherd with a real chilled out Kiwi temperament. He moves only if he has or wants to. He knows many commands, but one he genuinely understands is 'show me what you want'. If he needs something, he will stare at me until he gets my attention. I then ask 'show me what you want' and he will leap up and lead me to the door if he wants to go out, or he will lead me to his toy if he wants to play, or to his food bin if he is hungry. But the occasion which convinced me he completely understood the meaning of 'show me what you want' was when he made me follow him to the fridge where he banged his head on the door 3 times so I would open it and give him the remains of the juicy bone I had placed in there the day before.

Author: Lesley
No country specified.
True story: Yes
Rating: 28 paws up

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