Footie Goes To The Big House


Footie Goes To The Big House


By the time we left the city, Footie was fit and much happier than he had been when we got him. His joy was complete when he found that there was a beach close by, where dogs could run free. Footie loves going into the sea, and it is a joy to see him so happy.

There was a time, though, when that look of joy was not apparent. I refer to Footie’s time in 'The Big House'. It all started when we had a visitor from the city, who was not familiar with the “Shut the bloody gate!” principle here in the country. It was some time after our visitor left, that we noticed an absence of dogs. Jack and Footie had decided to take themselves on a little adventure.

Now Jack, being President of the Escape Committee, had made many previous escapes. Tunnelling was one of his favourite methods, and if ever I am locked in jail, I am taking Jack with me, because he can escape from any form of confinement. He is not too good with getting out of the handcuffs, but it is only a matter of time.

In his previous adventures, Jack had discovered that it is a lot of fun to visit the nearby Convent school at recess or lunch, because the children will feed a cute little dog. So, off they went on a scavenging expedition. All went well for a time, but unbeknown to Jack and Footie, the nuns had phoned the dogcatcher, who swiftly appeared on the scene. The children gave the alarm, the dogs ran, pursued by the dogcatcher. Round and round the playground they ran, dogs, dogcatcher and children. Then, some bright spark of a dog thought he could escape by running through this doorway – into the church !! This put the nuns into a frenzy and they joined the chase. By all accounts it was a right shemozzle, with dogs going this way and that way, nuns roaring, children laughing their heads off, and the dogcatcher trying to catch two dogs at once.

Jack, being the President of the Escape Committee, was smart enough to get out the door again, but poor old Footie, who is a bit slow on the uptake, was cornered. Into the paddy wagon and off to the 'Big House' went Footie, while Jack went home.

When I got back from my fruitless search of the surrounding streets, Jack was waiting on the front verandah with an innocent look on his face. No Footie!! This was quite a worry because Footie had no road sense and could easily have been run over. Besides that, our shire council is very quick to euthanase animals that are not microchipped, and we certainly had not had him chipped.

So, with trepidation, we rang the pound. They said there was a dog “sort of like that” in custody, so off we went to see if it was our Footie. Sure enough, hapless Footie was sitting forlorn in a concrete run, while the goon in charge of the pound was hosing out the cages – with the animals still in them !! It was like something you would see in a film about a Mississippi Sheriff in the 1950’s.

The dogcatcher then turned up and told us the story of the Great Church Outrage, which gave us a good laugh. It turns out Footie was chipped, to the original breeder, but of course that would have been no use in finding us. So $70 later, and with our details now recorded in case of future escapes, we got our dog back. Or should I say, our ex-convict dog!!

True story by Ian Taylor of Australia



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