I have a very old stove that has buttons instead of knobs to turn it on. The burners are covered. Emile, our black and white cat loves to jump up on the stove every now and then to investigate or to get a drink of water from a bowl on the adjacent counter. 

One day, I was home from work and reading a book when I heard Emile meowing in a strange way in the kitchen. He sounded distressed (I know his various meow sounds). I also started to smell something funny. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a fire coming from one of the burners and Emile watching it. I noticed that one of the buttons on the stove was slightly depressed. That must have caused the element to heat up and cause the burner cover to burn.

I managed to quickly put out the fire but the house was full of smoke. I was still trying to air my house out that night at 10.00 p.m. I did not know whether to be mad at Emile for starting the fire when he jumped up on the stove and his foot caught the button or to thank him for warning me. I guess I will just love him the way he is. I now cover the buttons with something that does not depress under weight.


True story by  Maria Cybyk of United States





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Maria Cybyk
True Story?: