Feathery Breakfast



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Feathery Breakfast


I have a cute little cockatiel called Rosy and she is always hungry! Sometimes at breakfast time I let her out of her cage and she flutters down to the table. I would tear off a bit of my toast to give to her or give her some corn flakes out of my plate. If I don't do that she would try and steal some from me.

One morning, I let her out and she wondered around the table trying to steal food from my brother and sister. Suddenly she noticed my breakfast of cornflakes. She ran up to me and just as I was about to give her a cornflake she did something very silly - she jumped in! Before I realized what had happened, there was a bird swimming in my bowl, not a fly but a bird! 

My brother and sister were laughing their heads off as I scooped up Rosy out of my breakfast and tried not spill soggy cornflakes and milk everywhere! I carried her over to the sink and, much to her dismay, attempted to rinse all the soggy cornflakes off her. Inspite of her protests, I managed to clean her off. 

In her cage sat a miserable wet bird. I don't think she will be doing that again!

True story by Amy Huth of Australia


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Amy Huth
True Story?: 

Sounds like Rosy has been

Sounds like Rosy has been visiting www.birdtricks.com or something because I've never heard of such a thing! I think Rosy should enter the Olympics and wow the world with her amazing feats. Either that or she could fly away and join the army.