The dog with love

My four year old golden retriever called Oscar, is a very friendly and placid puppy. one morning mum took him and our other puppy called frankie who is a malteese becion freese down to the path in a little forest as usual, but this time it was horrifying. both frankie and oscar were on leads when they came across a lady with a labrador mastive cross (also on a lead). then suddenly it had frankie in it's mouth!. osacr was the first thing to re-act he suddenly started to bounce around yelping. he was trying to do something but he just kept pacing back and forward. when mum saw what was going on, she jumped down to her knees and pulled at the dogs jaws. when she finaly got frankie out, she saw that his left eye was terribly bleeding so she carried him as fast as she could back to her car.

When he was lyimg down in the boot of the car on the way to the vets, oscar was licking all the blood off Frankie and snuggling down close to him. when the vets saw him, there wasn't much blood on him so it didn't look too bad, but it was!. in the end, frankie is blind in one eye and is a bit worried about being around other dogs when he's on a lead. oscar is always a cute friendly dog, but i wiil never forget the day he showed so much love for frankie.

katie ashworth
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Aww how cute. Oscar seems

Aww how cute. Oscar seems like such a sweetie. Not like my little dog, Cloudy, who could use some dog potty training because if you don't let him out early in the morning, you have about a 30-second delay in your morning routine.