Doctor Cat


Doctor Cat

Tommy was a very young stray that adopted us back in 1976. We did not intend to keep him but he did us. He was full of antics and loved to play hide and seek. We have enjoyed every minute of having him.

One morning, I was still in bed in the later hours, because I had worked till three a.m. I was woken by Tommy scratching me. Tom never scratched anyone. He would come onto my bed and scratch, then run out the door. I thought he had to go out and my Mom was out shopping or something. So I got up and went through to the kitchen to let him out. What I found, made me stop in my tracks. Tom vanished then.

Here was my Mom on her knees with her head in the oven. She had been cleaning it when she got a stroke. I rushed Mom to the hospital and while she was there, she had another 2 strokes. The doctors said that if she had not been found when she was, she would have certainly died.

My Mom and Tom has always had a close bond. Tommy sadly passed away in Feb 91 due to kidney failure and in July that year, my Mom passed away too. They were of one soul and now live  together forever.

True story by Gail Gallant of Canada





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Gail Gallant
True Story?: