Diabetes Dog

One day in summer my dad (peter) just comes in from doing some gardening. My dad has Diabetes and his blood sugar levels needs to be watched .We (my family and i) was at school and dad wasn’t feeling so well, so it was now up to my dad or my dog Floyd, to treat his blood sugar level, but dads sugar levels never goes to high it only ever go low and than his blood sugar levels were very low. My dog Floyd was 1 and a half at the time and knew not to bite anyone. Floyd bit my dad and my dad was surprised, Floyd kept it up. My dad finally got up and had some jellybeans to get his blood sugar level back up. My Floyd still nibbles at my dads hands when his blood sugar levels aren’t normal. So thank you Floyd for keeping my daddy’s blood sugar levels normal and to let him know when they’re not.

Chloe Doomen
True Story?: