The Day My Cat Saved Me

 When I was twelve me and my older sister moved into the basement downstairs. It was and old garage reformed into a huge room. We loved having our own space but there was a few problems. The Garage was a downhill basement that didnt have a soak hole so when it rained we would get slightly flooded out. One Night it was really stormy about 1 week from my 13th birthday we just came from the Matamata intermediate school hall as me my sister and my younger brother were in a school play. Mum offered me and my sister ( Mandy ) to sleep up stairs just in case the rain got so bad the room would flood. We rufused and said our goodnights. At one in the morning I was woken by i pawing at my chest. I woke up and my cat Sox was scratching at my pjamas I looked down and saw the room was flooded out and my sister was already upstairs getting mum and dad. The water went above the powerpoint that was turned on for the freezer that was kept downstairs. So I jumped onto a pair of drawers not knowing where Sox had dissapaired to. My mum and dad then came down Trying to get me out. The door was stuck and i was starting to panick. Dad threw the broom threw the little space through the door and told me to grab it so he could drag me through the water. I was risking my life of an electric shock but the water was at five foot and i didnt want to take chances. So I jumped and got through to the stairs okay. We called the fire brigade and they were amazed i was still alive. The water got up to about 6 foot. They spent all morning pumping the water out of our bedroom as it was coming up the stairs. Sox dissapeared for a few days but when he returned he was famous with our local paper. So that was the day that my cat saved me. If he hadnt tried to wake me up i wouldnt be here right now.

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