Daisy Duck Dodges Death Three Times

Talk about cats having nine lives, dear Daisy the nine year old white Muscovy duck from Ngaruawahia has certainly had more than her fair share of close encounters of the deadly kind. On the first day of the 2007 duck shooting season she was shot in the neck several times, and one pellet also penetrated one of her wings. However luckily for Daisy they were only flesh wounds, so she wasn't grounded for long.

The second encounter occurred in autumn about four years ago. Daisy was roosting on the corner of her owner Anne McNicol's roof close to the down pipes, when a hungry possum spotted a peach that had dropped down off the tree into the guttering, and rolled over next to Daisy. So the possum followed the peach, there was a scuffle and Daisy's right foot was injured, so she now has arthritis. However, Daisy didn't let this stop her from living a very full life, and so she was soon airborne again.

And about seven years ago this delightful little duck who was Anne's neighbour at the time, was almost killed by a crossbreed dog who had got into the fowl run and killed a whole lot of hens, chickens and ducks. However, Daisy managed to (pardon the pun) duck and dive, flap her beautiful wings, and very quickly make her escape just in the nick of time!!! She wasn't actually injured on this occasion, but was very shaken by it all.

On a Saturday afternoon there is nothing that Daisy loves more than getting together with Anne, and her girlfriends for a wee tipple and a barbecue.

She eats her meals from a separate bowl, on the porch with the grey and brown tabby cat, and enters and leaves the house whenever she likes.

Daisy certainly is a duck with a lot of spirit, as she continues to refuse to let anything stand in her way of living a very full life!!!

Elizabeth Krammer
Fifty seven years
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