Cute, but Naughty

Cute, but Naughty

My family decided out of the blue one day, that we would go to America to visit Aunty Nic and all her pets. By the time we arrived at Aunty Nic's house and met the cats it was too far away for us to turn back.

She has eight naughty cats by the names of Buster, Buddy-Lee, Julius, Raj, Pan, Pao, Tito and Dudley. She also has one innocent dog called Sage. You could say that the house was very full when you add my family too. By the second day in America, Dudley had proved to be the naughtiest and in the days to come, he would prove that he was the king of the 'Naughties' in all events.

The first event was at shower time. I was just having my shower in the evening and noticed through the movement in the shower curtain, that something was moving. I continued my shower anyway, for a few more minutes when suddenly the shadow moved. A little bit scared, I hurriedly continued my shower in the hope of getting out fast. Then the thing jumped right at me! I quickly moved backwards and to my horror, it was Dudley!!! I looked at Dudley, accusingly, then quickly put him out of the shower.

The second event was at bed time. After our big day, I really needed some sleep. I snuggled up in bed and quickly dozed off. However, I was woken up at 2:00 a.m. by something that brushed my feet. I sat up but could not see anything there. So, I laid down and went back to sleep. The event repeated itself and I still could not find anything. I therefore decided to duck under my covers, feeling more scared than ever. I almost screamed. The thing brushed past my face this time but I was brave enough to grab it quickly. Lo and behold, it was Dudley again!!!

When I woke up the next morning I grabbed Dudley and gave him a hug. I told him that he is very cute, but really naughty. He just purred, as if to say, " I know you cannot resist me!"


True story by  Claire Shephard of New Zealand



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Claire Shephard
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