This is the story told by my daughters rescued dog Buddy. He is Primarily a rottweiler/staffy cross.. My name is Buddy. They think I’m about 10 months old and I’m what they call an “RSPCA Special”, that is a “who knows for sure”. Who is “they”? They are the girls at the RSPCA, my saviours. It happened one night in June, I was about 8 weeks old and I was stuck in a concrete culvert. I was cold and scared and it was dark. Some boys on the way to a party heard me crying and called for help. My first saviour was Charlotte, the RSPCA Ambulance driver on-call that night. It was about 2am when Charlotte got to me. I was scared but was big and brave, as big and brave as I could be at 8 weeks old. I didn’t know she was there to help me so I growled like a big boy, Charlotte could see that I was only a puppy and thought she was going to get ripped to pieces. It took her about 2 hours to get me out, she cleaned me up, gave me a cuddle, some water and something to eat. I hadn’t met anyone that was that nice before. The next morning, well a few hours later, I went to the shelter where I met Aimee. Aimee came down with me to “Iso” where I would spend the next few weeks. I was crying and shaking so she got in the run with me, gave me cuddles and curled up with me until I had settled down and went to sleep. That’s when I knew, this lady was going to be my Mum. She didn’t know it thou, she’s a cat person and had never thought of getting a dog, “smelly dirty creatures” she used to call us. But I knew and I was going to have to work on it. Glenys and Julie-Anne looked after me while I was in Iso, they made my stay as good as it could be, I like them, they are my saviours too. Charlotte was there as well and I was her favourite. Aimee came down to visit me when she was working on Saturdays, I gave her my biggest sad brown eye “take me, please take me” stare and it was working, she started to come in on Sundays too, when she wasn’t working, just to see me! But she still wasn’t sure about taking me home. Getting a dog is a big responsibility, I need to eat the “good stuff” which isn’t cheap and I’m a big dog who eats lots, I need lots of playtime, walks every day, daily training, discipline and cuddles and Mum was worried about “Jade” her RSPCA cat but that’s another story. A few weeks went by, I was bigger now. I got vaccinated, micro-chipped and neutered. I was ready for a new home now and I was moved up to homeless. But it was a Monday and I was worried that someone would adopt me before Aimee was back on Saturday and she’d be too late. So I barked at everyone that came to see me, I’m nervous of new people and I do that. Then it was Saturday and unlike the other Saturdays when Aimee left work for the day, she took me with her! Mum had nothing to be worried about, I’m a good boy and I always do my best to please her. Jade and I are fine too, as long as I stay out of Jade’s way – she chases me, she’s less than quarter my size but she’s scary!! So last, but not least, the person who turned her life, her backyard and her wallet upside down for me, my saviour, my Mum. And a special thanks to my Grandma and her Jack Russell, April who comes to get me when my Mum is at work so I can play with other dogs at the dog park.

Carol Guckert
True Story?: