The Crawl Space... behind the stairs

My son (Jim), went to Antarctica for seven weeks, and, him and his wife (my daughter-in-law) wanted me to help with the children while he was gone, and while she had to work. So, for seven weeks... I left Florida, my husband and my Jimmy-dog, to come to help my youngest son, his wife and three children... age...sixteen, six and ten. While it was during Halloween... I wrote this story for my two grandchildren, Roman, who is six, and Haley, who is ten. Their mom and dad had just bought an older house with a basement, and I was told the steps were kind of creaky and the steps are open in the back, soo, it gives you an eerie feeling when you walk down them.

Read on...

It was a quiet morning and the sun was now shining ever so brightly. I got my grand-children off to school, took my shower, then gathered all the clothes that had to be washed. I opened the door to the basement, turned on the light and started down the stairs. As I stepped down on the fourth step, I felt a light touch to the back of my leg. I turned, to look behind the steps, but, there was nothing there. I felt a chill go up and down my spine, and the hairs on my arms stood up. I just shuttered, said a few words out loud and then continued down the stairs to the basement, to do my wash.

I put the clothes in the washer and continued to go back up the steps. The first step, then the second, then I stopped. I thought I had seen a shadow, behind the steps, and towards the wall.

Again, the hairs on my arms stood up. I took another step, then another. I heard something rustle behind the steps in front of me. I then, bent down to get a closer look. It was a little dark, so I couldn't see to clear.

I noticed a flashlight hanging on the wall, so I grabbed it. I then turned it on to give me more light. There was a door, or a board against the opening that looked like a crawl space.

"No", I said out loud, I'm not crawling in there!"

But, being a little curious, I talked myself into going inside the opening under the steps, "The Crawl Space".

I slowly opened the small door, and I aimed the flashlight towards the opening.. To my surprise, something moved. I let out a bloody scream, dropped the flashlight, I then, backed out of the crawl space, hitting my head on a board that had a nail or something sharp on it. I just shut the door, then said... "Who's in there?"

Years ago, I remembered watching a movie, about a stranger who was living in someone's attic, so why not... in someone's basement? I just can't imagine anyone living in this small crawl space. I can see a basement or an attic, but not this small space. With winter on its way, (here in New York) I suppose the basement or an attic was a great place to be.

Thinking to myself, I said... “I wonder if anyone is living in the attic!”

“Forget it!” I said out loud!” I felt a chill, that went up and down my spine, just thinking about it! Anyway, Jim, (my son) has no attic in his house.

I remembered the flashlight, and then started to turn to the door, of the crawl space. I stopped in my tracks. Again, I said out loud, "Do I dare go back in there and get the flashlight?" Its now or never, so I might as well get the flashlight... now.

But first...I went up stairs to put on sneakers and a warm sweat-shirt and jeans.

hen, I went down the basement, and behind the steps to the crawl space, once again (hopefully for the last time).

As I entered the door way, I saw the flashlight, where I had dropped it earlier. I proceeded to pick it up, the door, shut slowly behind me. I jumped (It gave me the jitters, just thinking of being inside this crawl space), and, the door shut behind me. Now, that gave me the creeps!

The room, had a dry, earthy smell, and kind of spooky. I stayed near the entrance of the crawl space. I aimed the flashlight around the front, the side and then the back. I heard something, or someone moving about. This time, I got my whole body in the room.

I said out loud... " I must be crazy, or stupid!"

Then another noise, but louder this time. I screamed, again, I dropped the flashlight. I closed my eyes, I didn't want to know what was going to happen that next second. Something fury, an animal, or someone hairy, touched my face. I thought I was going to die, I was so scared.

I screamed again, then must of passed out. About a few minutes later, I had my hands over my eyes. I didn't want to open them... what if... what??? Questions after questions racked my brain.

I finally opened my eyes, little bits of sunlight was shining through the cracks of the wall.

Then, I felt something heavy on top of my leg, I moved a little to the left, then started to scream, but, held my hand over my mouth. Looking straight at me, was a huge dog. There was slimy, white, saliva, drooling down on my face. All I could think of, was... "Cujo", the dog... who had rabies in the Steven King movie.

But... to my surprise, the huge dog, was not "Cujo", it was an English Sheep Dog, and a dirty one at that. He/she must of sensed I was a cool human, because, he/she continued to to wash my face with its slimy saliva from its tongue. The huge dog, then... turned his/her head toward the back of the room, (as if he/she was talking to someone) and barked. Out comes... not one, but two, little fury puppies.

Being cautious, the two little puppies slowly inched towards me and the huge dog. I gently put one hand out to the puppies, to pet them. Then, all of a sudden... I laughed, I had three slobbering, slimy, saliva tongues, kissing my face.

After the friendly greetings from the (mommy) dog and the two little puppies, I sat up and wiped off my face with my sleeves, and smiled, then said..."OK", lets all leave this dirty, eerie, smelly, crawl space and get cleaned up. I don't know if you all are black & white, or, just plain dirty. Matter-of-fact, a good bath, will do us all good!"
I gave them all a big hug, then, they followed me out of the dark, eerie, dry, earthy smell, of the crawl space, and, never looking back!

The crawl space, is no longer there, Jim, (my son) tore down the old steps and put up new ones.

The mommy dog and the two puppies are now living in a big, warm, and dry house, with lots of space to frolic, good food, and a nice warm bed to sleep in. No more sadness for these wonderful animal companions... ever.

They all have names...

Mommy dog- Salva (because of the saliva, and, spelled without the i)

# 1 Puppy- Shadow ( the shadow in the crawl space)

#2 Puppy- Sparky- ( his eye's sparkled in the dark)

Now... when the family and I, go do the wash, we have Shadow and Sparky close to our side, to keep the evil spirits out of the basement. And... Salva, is on the top of the stairs, near the door entrance, keeping an ear/eye on us, and all the unwanted guests who enters the basement!

Lavina Burgess
True Story?: