Couch Police

I was at university, which meant I had no money of course. So Bosun (my handsome white cat) and I moved into my mothers house.

Gadget (mums dog) was very sweet and let us stay, Bosun was grateful and they even became friends in a way.

My mother got sick of Bo scratching her furniture and every time he went to scratch, my mum would tell him off.

It didn't take long for Gadget to notice this.
After a few weeks mum didn't have to worry about the couch anymore, not even when she was at work, because Gadget had taken it upon himself to bark and snarl at Bosun (even nipped him one time) every time he went to claw at my mums furniture. Bo would run fast and far when this happened.

Gadget was mums couch police.

Gadget is in doggie heaven now and remembered fondly by everyone who ever had the privilege of meeting the dear little fellow.

Bo is still with me and my couch is ruined!

True Story?: