Clever Butterfly


Clever Butterfly


I was given a little kitten when I was 8 years old and from the start, it was not a perfect match. I screamed when she was first let into my mum's car because I was not used to cats and kittens. I knew that all cats in the world have wild instincts and I was afraid of the kitten biting me. I also had notions of the kitten growing up to be a naughty nasty pet when they are not trained properly. 

There has been times I got very torn between giving Butterfly to the SPCA or keeping her because she often scratches me. Once, it was so close to my eye, I was nearly blinded. It seems that she was not trainable. However, her big round eyes often said to me, "Please do not, because I love you as my owner "  Her pleading ways always won my heart.

I decided to try and get a guinea pig later on as I felt that perhaps it would suit me better. So my mum and I went to Pet City and we looked at a blonde haired guinea pig. However, my family felt that it was not suitable to keep a guinea pig in the home and so I had to continue to keep Butterfly. Thank goodness for that.

Butterfly  is now 10 months old and she seems more friendly, less scratchy and really quite clever. She knows when the heater is on and she tells me to turn it off by sitting on top of it. It was not me training her, it was more of her training me not to be afraid and recognise her clever ways.

True story by Stacey Jang of New Zealand




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