Chummy Feathers and the naked dash!

i have a very funny but interesting Grandma. She has lots of stories to tell, and here's one of them. My Auntie, My other Auntie and my uncle had a budgie when they were kids,named Chummy. One day, my Grandma put Chummy on top of his cage, as she was about to get in the shwer. She stripped, then she heard a noise she went to see what the noise was(Still naked) and found that their cat had grabbed Chummy of the top of his cage! Grandma chased the cat all around the house, then the cat scampered outdoors! Grandma followed(Still naked.) When the cat went down the driveway, grandma had to go andput ome clothe on. When she came out again, she found a very satisfied cat and a few feathers. And that was how her kids found her. Sitting on the curb, crying.

Summer Fell
True Story?: