Chevy the Clown


Chevy the Clown


I did not really want a second Rottweiler. In today's political climate owning a 'rotty' is risky and a huge responsibilty! But Chevy was offered to me under circumstances I could not really refuse.

He is very different from my other rotty, Cole. Cole comes across as dignified, intelligent and is a noble creature. Chevy is however anxious, and drools a lot. Chevy also has some interesting quirks. He barks with such intensity until he scares himself! He often looks around to see where the noise would be coming from. In the middle of the night, he will come into the bedroom, peer over the side of the bed, just checking to make sure his owners are still home before going back to his own bed. When we are relaxing, he will come over to sit on our feet, flipping his head back (we say he has a fliptop head!) with an adoring look, tongue lolling from the side of his mouth, drool sliding down his chin, looking so much like a clown.

Initially, I was probably not very fair to Chevy because I compared him with Cole who has been in my life for six years. I think I expected too much. I am glad to say that after two years with us, Chevy now seems to be less anxious, more relaxed, at ease with himself and us and maturing nicely. 

When I first got Chevy, he had no idea about the concept of toys. At that time, I had a business specialising in environmental enrichment toys for pets, so he soon learnt to play with toys. He now takes his favorite ones to bed with him.

Chevy's favorite game is hide and seek. Either Cole, myself or my partner might be a small distance away from him, so he will lie down, scrunching himself down as far as he can, even his head, peering at his 'victim' from the tops of his eyes as if to say, "You cannot see me". So we all play along with that. Then as we come closer, he cannot contain himself any longer. He leaps up with great joy as if to say, "Here I am!" and bounces around thinking he fooled us all. He really is a clown and we love him very much for what he is.

True story by  Gillian Shippen of Australia





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