y dog Cheeky, a Jack Russell loves my musical keyboard. Every time I leave my keyboard, I come back and who’s on my keyboard? Cheeky, of course. He jumps onto the keyboard and starts playing. It really is funny. Sometimes he presses the buttons and makes a racket
He thinks he’s clever when he chews through the gate after I have just mended it for the twentieth time. He thinks I won’t mind.

Cheeky fishes in my mom’s handbag to look what he can find and once he ate a whole pain pill and my mom had to phone the vet.

His most favourite thing in the world is a tissue. Every morning he tips me out of bed to get my tissue and then he eats it. When he was a puppy he ate my dad’s new cell phone. Gee – he was in trouble.

I love Cheeky even though he is SO naughty!

Rating: 28 paws up

Jessica Qvist
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