Cat Tricks

I had taught our two cats, Scamper and Fancy, how to do four tricks. I would break a cat vitamin into four pieces and they would roll over, sit, shake a paw, and jump over my arm.

Then the time came when we had to find new homes for our two young cats, because we were moving overseas. I managed to find a good home for the little female, but not the male, so he went to the local shelter to wait for a new home. I told the shelter that we would be coming back home in about a year and I would love to see him again, if the new owners were agreeable.

About a year later we came back and I contacted the shelter. They gave me the name and phone number of Scamper’s new owners and I arranged a visit. They knew Scamper did tricks, but had no idea how it worked. I brought a bottle of cat vitamins with me and, although Scamper did not appear excited to see me, but he had no problem doing this tricks for the vitamins – a year later!

Sandra Peterson
True Story?: