Cat or raccoon?


Cat or raccoon?


It was a mild October day and I was walking from my house to my barn, about 100 feet away, with my two dogs. There are some beautiful pine trees on this lane. They are about 100 feet tall. Up in a branch about twelve feet off the ground I noticed a black fluffy tail hanging out, with some Burdock weed seeds stuck on it. I thought it must be a raccoon and kept on going.

The next day, in the Arbor Vitae trees near the house, the same tail was hanging out. I decided to put the dogs in the house and got a large cage from the barn. Just in case this was a sick animal, I decided that I had better put on my winter jacket, some heavy gloves, and my riding helmet. I  am sure I looked lovely. Then I tipped down the branch and caused the animal to drop from the branch into the open door of the cage. I then put the cage in the barn. It was indeed a very thin cat, covered with prickly weed seeds, and was very hungry and thirsty. When I put the food in the cage, he ate it voraciously, all the while grumbling as cats sometimes do. "What took you so long?" I was sure he was saying.

Because I work at an animal shelter, I took him there to receive medical care, get gently cleaned up and be neutered. He was then put up for adoption. However, I found I could not bring myself to give him up. So, I paid the adoption fee and took him home. Now he is sleek and well fed and a treasured member of our family.

How did this cat find my home which is 300 feet from the road and surrounded by hundreds of acres of nothing but trees and bushes? What made him choose to climb the trees that I would pass near the barn? How did he avoid my four romping dogs? How did he know I was his person?

I named him 'Rocky Raccoon' because I thought he was a racoon originally. He gets as much pampering as he will stand for and often stays inside the house when the weather is bad. He will never be a hundred percent indoor cat, but he will never be hungry again either.

True story by Maggie Huff of the  United States of America




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