Cat In The Lead!

Cat In The Lead!


Holly our Border Collie/ Hunter Way puppy keeps escaping from our fully fenced property almost every day. Every time she escapes, we would find her in the paddock next to us. She would be rolling in mud and horse manure! 

After a continuous week of this, we finally went over to the paddock and waited until Holly came over. We found that she was following our cat Montana through a little hole in the fence. So, we quickly patched up the hole but Holly still seemed to be able to get into the adjourning paddock.

One day, whilst we were all at school, mum saw Holly looking around quickly then followed the cat up sleeper steps. This a two metre long thin plank which lead to the top of our six foot high fence. She  then jumped over to the adjourning paddock where she would roll in the mud and the horse manure again. So, we took that thin plank down as soon as mum discovered her escape route. Now Holly still tries to find new ways to get out!

True story by Gemma Lamont of New Zealand


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Gemma Lamont
True Story?: