Casper the Friendly Goat

Casper the Friendly Goat

I love goats and own seven but never in my life have I seen a goat like Casper.

I purchased three goats with my pocket money in August 2008 when they were around 3 weeks old and named the oldest Billy goat Casper, the other Billy goat Sox, and the youngest one which was a girl I named Candy.

I gave them the nicknames of Prince Caspian, Soxy and Angel.

I also called Casper ‘Casper the friendly goat’ and all three of them ‘The Goatly Trio.

After a few weeks of having them I noticed that Casper was out and eating the agapanthus! So I went outside, picked him up and carefully put him back over the fence.

s soon as I got inside the door I was flabbergasted to find that he was out happily munching once again.

I went back outside and searched for any holes in the fences but found none.

What a mystery!

Another time I had one of my best friends over and we were playing with my goats. Suddenly, for no reason at all, Casper bounced straight over to the fence and popped through it with ease!

We laughed our heads off because Casper had just practically showed us where the hole was. My other two goats just looked at us helplessly and quietly bleated, convincing us that they were completely innocent.

That memory still floats in both of our minds today.

By Mary


Mary Wilcock
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