Carry Helper

I have a little dog named Monti. He's a bit, old roughly 10 or 11. He follows us about every where. One day when we went to the pet store just along the road from us the lady (who was very nice) gave Monti a free biscuit to chew on. When we left and crossed the road, he kept on looking at the biscuit so we gave it to him to see what he would do. He dropped and then re-picked it up off the ground and carried it to the front step of our house and dropped it there and would pick it up again. I went back and picked it up and put it in his bowl to eat. After a few days without touching it, i took it outside to see whether he would eat it. He found it out there and burryed it in the garden.

Now we now that if we ever need somebody to carry the dog biscuit it's him!

True Story?: