But...Perhaps only in my dreams

I take the commuter train home from work and a man with a paper cup in his hand also holds the door open for the commuters. He has a young black and white cat on a leach which he hopes will help him with his begging.

One day as I was passing, the cat was not on her leach and the cat was being controlled by the man screaming at her. As I passed by I hesitated and looked at the cat. There was a connection between us and as I started to walk up the stairs the cat followed me. The begger screamed at the cat but she continued to follow me.

At home we have 3 cats so there was no way I could take this sad cat. So I put my brief case downin in front of me and said quietly "no" and the cat returned to her master. I never saw this little cat again. But sometimes on the train I doze and dream that some kind lady saw the plight of this poor little cat and gave the beggar five dollars and took the cat on the train. The lady would keep the cat under her coat so no one would know and the little cat purred, knowing that something good was about to happen. But...Perhaps only in my dreams.

Tom Holmes
True Story?: 

Your story made me feel very

Your story made me feel very sad and sorry for the little cat. Now, I too, wonder what became of the poor kitty and like yourself, hope a kind person came to it's rescue.