Boots Rules

Boots Rules


After losing my Foreign White cat to old age, I looked at getting another cat for my furry family. Finally, I settled on a Seal Point Ragdoll. I had already picked out his name 'Boots'. Of course picking up my new baby was a family affair. So after taking a day off work, we started on our three and half hour round trip to pick him up. 

He settled in very well and was soon following me around like a little dog. Five months later, I was due to house and cat sit for a friend for three weeks. My father and mother who live in the unit next to my house, offered to cat sit. Boots soon found out that if he yowled pathetically at the adjoining door to their house, they would let him in. He was fine with this but he would always have to ask to go back home for his litter tray or food bowl. Boots obviously thought about this and decided to invent his own rules. He yowled at the door to go back home and of course his faithful humans responded and opened the door to let him home. One day, he stopped halfway through the door and yowled back at Mum who was trying to convince him to hurry up. Halfway through, he flopped on the floor stopping her from closing the door. She tried to get him to move but he refused. In frustration, she left the door between the two houses open. This was exactly what he wanted, he had finally trained this human to let him come and go when 'HE WANTS TO'.


True story by Leisa Moyle of Australia



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