I do not visit the CBD but on my walks around my local streets I have been known to rescue a baby blackbird (not a native although we do get Tui feeding on the flax I planted for them) - "Blackie" had fallen out of it's nest - I couldn't find the nest so carefully put it in my pocket and dog and I brought it home - hand fed it for some time until it was big and healthy enough to go in an old canary cage where we continued to hand feed it, again until we had let it learn to fly around the lounge (the curtains and my wife were not so pleased) then took it to one of my trees and let it go - it looked at me for a while then took off. That is not the end of the story - 2 or 3 weeks later I heard a clatter of chirping outside my back door - out I went and there was "Blackie" - I know it was him as he wasn't in the slightest scared of me and he had a slightly deformed leg (no doubt caused by falling out the nest) but just sat and looked - then flew to the tree I had released him into - there waiting was a female he had brought to show me - off they went together and I have never seen him again.

A good story yes but one I can assure you is true - I feed the birds that visit us every day,. waxeyes/silvereyes, blackbirds, starlings, sparrows - they all have their own personalities - my worst enemies are the damn neighbourhood cats.

Oh I look after humans too - have our granddaughter living with us LOL

Brian Breese
True Story?: