The bird of our dreams

The bird of our dreams


In 2007, our neighbours Teresa and Glyn were going away for a holiday. They wanted us to take care of their magpie. So after school when I came home, we had a pet magpie. We looked after her for about two weeks and when Teresa and Glyn came back, they said we could keep her, so we did. 

She was a great bird and always played with us. We decided to name her Stumpy. it was nearly Christmas. So, we went away to our grandma's beach house in Mornington. Stumpy had her own pot to sit on, and she usually sat by the edge of the pond.

One morning, sadly, Stumpy drowned in the pond. We were all very sad. We buried her in the backyard that day and had to leave for home without her. We will never forget Stumpy, and how Stumpy was the bird of our dreams! She was the best ever bird that we had.

True story by  Kiran Quilty of Australia




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Kiran Quilty
True Story?: 

Stumpy was my favorite bird

Stumpy was my favorite bird of all time. I've heard that macaws drown easily, too. I hope that isn't true, because we have five of them! They are cute.