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My neighbour has a pet rat named 'Benjamina' - who is the most amazing rat you will ever meet. In fact, some of the other neighbours often invite her and Benjamina round when they have visitors, only to watch their stunned faces - it's so precious! 
'Send her home Gin', we would say. This is while we're in another neighbour's unit. So, Gina tells us to leave their front door open, then says to Benjamina ' Ben - go home Bubs - go home - Mummy will be there in a minute!...' 
The visitors whom we wanted to shock will all crowd near the front door - and all watched Benjamina race from the balcony (where she was with her 'Mum') - across the lounge room, to the front door, through it. She sat there for a few seconds with her little whiskers twitching away, and away she goes across the landing, right to their front door. She then enters through her little hole (like a cat or dog door).
Stunning party trick I must tell you... 
One other time, I was saying goodbye to a friend at my front door, when we heard my neighbour said 'Ben, wait a sec..' We could hear her at the bottom of the stairs struggling with shopping, and then saw a white flash racing up the stairs, past me and my guest on the landing, and go directly to the front of my neighbour's door... 
My neighbour came up the stairs and I introduced her to my visitor. We had been chatting for a few moments when we heard Benjamina scratching on their door impatiently to get inside. 'Sorry Bill,' my neighbour said to me. 'She gets so excited when we go shopping. She thinks everything is for her!' 
I replied, 'It usually is, isn't it?'
'Yeah yeah', my neighbour laughs, 'so I spoil her a bit...' 
Well, the look on my friend's face was just so precious! 'Crikey Billy', my visitor exclaimed. 'I thought it was a little white baby chihuahua, but it's a rat!!!...If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I'd never have believed it'
'That's nothing,' I replied. I told her how Benjamina was once lost by a baby-sitter about 700 metres away and found her way back home, right to the front door. It took her 5 weeks, and after interviewing a number of people (witnesses), we pieced together how this incredible animal found her way home.
You see, poor little thing would have had to cross the local park, head down a long laneway next to the Community Centre, turn and go down another laneway next to the Kindergarten, through the Kindy carparking area, down a two-way road to the end, find the right block of units, get inside the unit block, and up six flights of stairs to her home. She did this and arrived at her front door exhausted, skinny, and absolutely filthy. My neighbour wasn't home and didn't arrive till five hours later and there Benjamina still sat, waiting.We tried to catch her, but she kept scuttling off down the stairs, then reappearing to continue waiting in front of their door.
My distraught neighbour had a huge reward advertised for Benjamina and many people spotted her, but couldn't catch her. Over the five weeks, the regulars in the local park saw her and schoolchildren spotted her racing down the laneway. Other neighbours saw her near the kindergarten, and our building Electrician saw her whilst he was working in our basement carparking area but could not catch her either (he knew it was my neighbour's rat). Days later our neighbours from Number 8 saw her near the basement security door, and when one of them tried to catch her, Stevo said 'Hey that's Benni! Just wedge the door open a while and she'll run upstairs herself' She did exactly that. 
I can't tell you how ecstatic my neighbour was, and although she still says to this day she can't believe it, the rest of us are not in the least bit surprised. If you see them together you will understand. They are like two kindred souls, always together somewhere. My neighbour would be chattering away to Benjamina, like she understands (probably does) and  either one or the other of them will be following close behind. 
My neighbour believes that each time she takes Benjamina for their daily walk, Benjamina would watch intently the paths they take. Nowadays, Benjamina watches my neighbour like a hawk. It's as if  to say, 'I was the one lost',  And most thankfully, our entire block of residents knows Benjamina well and no one tries to kill her or call the pest exterminator especially during those days when she had to spend her time downstairs trying to figure a way through the security door. Thanks to Stevo for wedging it open!!! 
True story by Billy of New Zealand

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Billy Purcell
True Story?: 

Hi, This amazing incredible


This amazing incredible story of a Rat's Love was confirmed again by AUSTRALIAN PSYCHIC OF THE YEAR 2013 Debbie Malone...

Just goes to show and PROVE ~ that an animal CAN FEEL EMOTION and CAN LOVE !!!

Benjamina is not resting in peace however...she is either on her beloved's left shoulder when out & about...and around her always the remaining time...