Begging for Boots

Almost a year ago I bought a seal point Ragdoll kitten who I named Boots. Boots has turned into the most beautiful natured cat even if he does delight in crash tackling his housemate Jordy an oriental cross.

I love cats but would love to have a dog but housing circumstances do not allow this, by having a ragdoll I have the best of both worlds, a cat who acts like a dog. He actually comes when he is called, loves to play fetch and is always by my side. This can be awkward at times like trips to the toilet and the shower door has to be left open enough to allow him to stick his head in and check if I haven't gone down the plug hole.

I decided to teach Boots to sit, he picked that up really easily so I thought that I would up a level and teach him to beg. Learning to beg was easy for Boots and it didn't hurt that there was a treat for him when he did it right. Boots then took it into his own head that this trick would make life easier for him.

I was in the kitchen making my tea and had gone back and forth to the fridge getting items out, Boots was watchingme the whole time and he knew that the great white appliance held his food. Next time I went back to the fridge there was Boots sitting in front of the fridge door in the perfect begging pose. He got his treat.

I thought that maybe this was just a fluke but he has used his begging pose a few times when he wants something. He had worked out that if he waits till a human walks past and he assumes the pose then it will get him what he is after, be that food or affection.

Maybe I shouldn't teach him about online shopping after all.

Rating: 22 paws up

: Leisa Moyle
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