Beckham Mania And My Lily

Beckham mania has certainly swept the world, and I believe that David has even influenced my cat Lily. There is nothing that this geriatric, double-chinned, potbellied white feline with grey/brown patches loves more than a game of soccer. So she wiggles and waddles over to her cane basket that sits on the soft, blue carpet in the lounge, picks up her small blue ball with the bell inside, lays it down on the carpet, and whacks it hard. It speeds over the carpet jingling and jangling as it goes. When it stops at my feet she looks up at me as if to say “It is your turn now, so hit it!!,” so I do. The ball goes racing towards her and she hits it again, and this continues on for sometime, until she or I get tired. It is usually me who gets tired first. While there is just the two of us playing, (unlike Beckham who has a whole team), she absolutely loves it, as she flies around the room like a young kitten again.

Perhaps it is the fact that we are doing something together that she loves, although I do think that David Beckham has had his influence, as she has seen him on television many times, and therefore perhaps she believes that females can also bend it just like him. I am seriously considering asking David if he and his team would like to have her as their moggy mascot. But perhaps not, as I love her dearly, and would miss her terribly. She is a wonderful creature, and certainly a very colourful one.

Elizabeth Krammer
Fifty seven years
True Story?: