Beautiful Bonnie

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Bonnie, my golden retrevier dog was a HANDFUL! Bonnie would always drink the water in my baby pool when I was in there and also she would go missing in our 1000 achre farm!
One day Bonnie went missing. I was only about 1 year old then but I kinda remember it. My um and my dad went out to look for her while my brother looked after me. I remember this (very) weird guy coming to our door with Bonnie and saying to me when I ran to the door and banged into it, Hi is this your dog? I said Bonnie is my dog and that dog is like Bonnie but I don't know if it is, I'll ask my brother. I yelled out Lliam! he came to the door and said hey that's bonnie. I know I said. My brother rang my dad and said we found bonnie. I think that month we gave Bonnie to my cousins. I was very sad. Bonnie dug up my Auntie's flower bed that year and they had to sel bonnie to another lady. I havn't heard anything about bonnie since

Tessa Sedawie
True Story?: