To Be Or Not To Be

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Above is a picture of Tissue 8 and Yedda 7.5 months. I know this lady who 4 years ago after being woken by cat Tissue, just like in the movies, found a carboard box with a kitten in it and a note saying "Please care and look after me.", outside her front door. She named the kitten Yedda. Tissue liked to teach Yedda and play with her. The 2 girls liked each other. But the lady lived at a place where eagles were sometimes found. One day when Yedda was 7.5 months old, Tissue was inside sleeping while Yedda was walking around outside. Suddenly an eagle swooped down and grabed Yedda. It happened so quick, the lady couldn't do anything. Yedda was never seen again. I was 7 at the time and my little brother was 5. We were sad when we heard what happened to Yedda, and we are still sad when we think about poor Yedda's fate.

Tessa Amidty
True Story?: