Barks and Bongs

Barks and Bongs


Gusts of wind bounced on the glass, driving raindrops against the panes.

Richard lay on the sofa, watching TV. The avocado-coloured curtains hid the windows and attempted to tone down the weather outside. Richard blew his nose, yet again, and rested the palm of his hand on his aching head.

"I'm not going to work tomorrow," he snuffled at Sarah.

Luke, the golden Labrador, barked. And barked again. "Bong..."

"What was that" Sarah asked, wriggling forward in her Lazyboy.

"Stupid dog," muttered Richard, "you know he doesn't like thunder."

"Bark." "Bong..."

"I'm not going out to look," prattled Sarah, raising the foot-rest again. "I'm petrified of the dark."

Richard rolled his aching body off the sofa, slipped his feet into fraying slippers, and stumbled towards the front door. He turned the key, opened the door just enough to peer out and not let too much rain sneak onto the carpet, and yelled in his loudest husky voice, "Be quiet."

There was silence, well, from Luke anyway. Richard snuggled under the tartan rug again, when there was another bark and two more bongs.

A while later Sarah and Richard turned off the TV and lights and snuggled into bed, drifting off to the sounds of rain on the corrugated iron.

The next morning dawned, overcast, but not raining. Richard wandered to the small shed beside the vege garden. The door was open. He was sure he closed it the night before. Peering inside he noticed spaces, where there used to be clutter. Several tools were gone and the three bundles of pink batts to insulate the ceiling were missing. Amidst the lousy weather the previous night, a home handy-man burglar had been to visit. The terrace was decorated with damaged lemons - missiles thrown at Luke to hush him, missiles that went "Bong..."

Luke sounded the alarm, but his family just didn't listen.


True story by Barbara Robinson



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Barbara Robinson
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