An Angel with a halo bright

 I wrote this for one of our working dogs Ralph Patrick who died far too young...he was only a baby..just starting to get the hang of working sheep. Had he lived he would have been a brilliant dog. 


I hope you enjoy it 

An Angel with a halo bright, is sitting by Gods chair tonight 

He asks for nothing for he knows the Lord supplies, and will dispose 

His brown eyes, closely watch Gods face to make sure he’s not in disgrace. 

Willingly helps without a frown. Kisses dispensed if God feels down. 

He guards, he warns, he tolerates, he really is dear Gods best mate. 

He snuggles close to keep God warm, and even closer if there’s storms, 

For those with sadness he’ll dispense, his very own brand of common sense 

to make them feel safe and secure, for isn’t that what God wanted him for? 

He’ll carry messages all day, with little children gladly play, 

and if perchance a halo lost, he’ll usually find it, where ‘twas tossed. 

With old people he’s slow and steady, never pushes, waits till they’re ready 

to go on, then leads the way, to Gods big chair to say G’day. 

He lives his life without a care, content that God knows that he’s there 

yet he is always glad each night, to rest beneath the silvery light 

and listen to the Angels song, with music made by heavenly throng. 

He misses not his time on earth for here God values his true worth. 

I heard that God had told a friend, “This little bloke is my best mate 

and I was happy when I heard he’d arrived at the Pearly Gates. 

I said to Peter let him in, for he is good and without sin. 

Peter asked what his name should be, I told him, name him after me.” 

And so ‘twas done. The name dispensed, issued without to much fanfare . 

The little bloke was robed in white and given a small halo bright, 

which was too big. It slipped and fell, but fitted round his neck quite well. 

The little bloke was quite happy, and rested his head on Gods knee. 

Our God was pleased that he was there, the little dog beside his chair. 

For now he too felt quite complete with this companion at his feet. 

For sometimes God needed a mate, someone to whom he could relate. 

An Angel with a halo bright, now sits beside Gods chair tonight. 

Maureen Clifford © 


Rating: 57 paws up 


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