Always There

 On our trip out west years ago, we took our cattle dog Honey. I had reservations at first of taking her on this trip but found that travelling with her on that month away was no problem at all. 


We also had my youngest daughter with us but Honey was quite content to sit on the floor at my feet while we travelled. 

Camping at night, she would stay within the confines of the camp only venturing out a little distance if I went for a walk. She would make sure she had me in her sights at all times. 

This particular night, we were camping on the Birdsville Track which I might add was flooded – a rarity; when I had to answer the call of nature, so took a walk. 

Only this time Honey wasn’t staying back and started to follow much to my disapproval. While trying to send her back to the camp, I happened to notice something moving and where I had intended to go sat a dingo. 

My dear Honey must have known and like always was trying to protect me. 

This dingo was probably more scared of me than I was of it but by Honey’s actions, the dingo could have had pups and that could have meant trouble for both of us had we continued in that direction. 

Honey was on the job as always. 


Rating: 40 paws up 


True Story?: