The adventures of Daisy and Cramel

Chapter 1: Attack of the garden cats!!

Once, not so long ago, there lived 2, 1 year old guinea pigs called Daisy and Caramel. Daisy had chestnut brown, coconut brown and snowy white on her body and Caramel had well, had a caramel colour on a black background. Their owner was called Monica. Monica had aqua blue eyes, acorn coloured hair, redish pinkish lips and really stylish clothes!!

One day, Daisy and Caramel were longing for food so they started squeaking mad. They squeaked for parsley, mint, carrots they squeaked for carrot tops, hay and dry food. Oh there was soooooooo much to choose from. Finally, Monica came.

"Whats up little ones? Are you feeling pekish?" Monica opened the hutch door. The hutch door creaked. CCRREEAAKKK! "Oh dear. I'll just be a minute darlings! And DON'T even THINK about escaping again!!" sighed Monica. She left the guinea pigs all by themselfs.....EXCEPT FOR THE CATS!!! The cats were called Ismo and Gismo.

Ismo came down from the shed and purred as she saw that the door was left open. "OOOOH. Now's my chance!!" So Ismo leaped for the door. "GET AWAY!" a voice cried. Ismo jumped. "Ahh"! And then asked, "Paws up! Who's there? Holey Maloney! Where are you? Stop freaking me out Gismo!!

I thought we were sisters!" "Pickled mice! What are you talking about sis? What's shaking baby?I'm up on the shed! How could there be two of me? There 'aint no two of me sis! You've gone cheese puffs!!" "I SAID DO NOT ENTER MY OWNER'S HOUSE!!" "W-W-WHO ARE Y-Y-YOU??" The hutch door was kicked open. Inside stood 2 guinea pigs. "We're called Daisy and Caramel. So your names must be......are yes. You must be Cheese Puff and you must be What's shaking baby? Is that right?" "NO! What is wrong with you cheese brain?" The guinea pigs wer sooooo annoyed, that they stood up on two paws!! They put on their cowboy hats and put on their sheriff badge. They put on their boots and held up their carrots! "Your days are limited!" Caramel warned. Daisy picked up her skull and crossbones flag whilst Ismo was crouching down, waving her white surrender flag! "OK! We give up!" Ismo raced up the shed and huddled next to Gismo. "Some sort of fight that was! What rotten cats! Trying to get into Monica's house! We'll catch anyone that trys to harm Monica because we love her super! She always feeds us......." Daisy stopped because Caramel rudely interupted! "Ah! She has forgotten that we are hungry! Some sort of love we'll give if she doesn't even feed us!!" Soon later, Monica arrived with hay, parsley, mint, carrots and dry food. "Oh. I thought she had gone to get a new hinge and screws to fix our hutch door!" exclaimed Caramel. “Well that should teach you a lesson not to call Monica a stupid owner!” Caramel looked sorry so Daisy forgave her.

That’s where our first story ends but chapter 2 has only just began!


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