A True Fisherman

Our cat Benji was never very fast, agile nor was he extraordinary at catching anything. His favourite activities were eating, eating, sleeping, eating and loping around looking for a comfy place to lie down. Up until now the only thing he had been able to catch was rubbish...from the bin. It was a cool Autumn morning when I heard the screams. I rushed into my parents bedroom to see my mother perched on top of the bed, as far away from the floor as she could get. She screamed some incoherent babble about fish flapping so I decided to investigate. I knelt down carefully and peered under the bed. To my amusement there was a large goldfish flapping ferociously under her bed. I rushed into the laundry, filled up a bucket and plopped the fish into the water. Benji loped into the room looking pleased with himself, we had a fisherman in the family. Over the next few days, much to my mothers horror, more fish appeared under the bed. Some were lucky like the first, some were not. Getting sick of cleaning up after Benji's new-found hobby I began to visit the neighbours. Eventually I found the source of the fish. The pond and fish belonged to a little boy whose parents were growing increasingly frustrated at having to replace 'Goldy'. They decided netting was a good idea and Benji again dusted off his rubbish collecting skills... until the neighbours decided to raise chickens. The End.

Katie Duffy
True Story?: